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Dust Mites Specialist

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Dust mites may be tiny, but they can make an allergic person’s life miserable. The doctors at the Allergy Asthma Care Center, Inc. in Los Angeles and Tarzana, CA are here to provide treatment for allergies related to dust mites.

Dust Mites Q & A

What Is a Dust Mite?

Dust mites are the microscopic bugs that typically live inside most homes. These dust mites are tiny (in fact, they are invisible to the naked human eye), but their waste can cause nasal allergy symptoms, and even asthma symptoms in millions of people.

Where Do Dust Mites Live?

Dust mites can be found anywhere in the home. They feed on the very small flakes of skin that the human body sheds continually. It is quite common for these skin flakes to fall in bed sheets, comforters, carpets and other parts of the bedroom, so dust mites are often found there.

How Can Dust Mite Allergies Be Diagnosed?

A dust mite allergy can be diagnosed in several ways. Discussing symptoms with a doctor can be very helpful in determining a diagnosis. The doctor may also do a blood test or skin prick test to make sure that the dust mites are what is causing the allergic reaction.

How Are Dust Mite Allergies Treated?

Dust mite allergies can be, in some cases, at least partially resolved through meticulous house cleaning. While no amount of vacuuming will be able to completely eliminate dust mites from carpeting because they are buried so deeply within the fibers of the carpet, special vacuum cleaners with hepa filters can prevent the re-circulation of the dust mites. Zippered mattress covers can help keep dust mites at bay, and frequent laundering of sheets and blankets in very hot water can also help. Even with all these measures in place, many people still deal with dust mite allergies, so an allergist can help. Allergy shots can be very beneficial for some people who suffer from dust mite allergies.

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